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Essential work skills training

Essential work skills training

Fircroft provides essential work skills training to organisations across Birmingham and the West Midlands. These courses are suited to people who want to:

  • Feel more confident using Maths, English and IT at work and in everyday life
  • Brush up or develop skills in particular areas

Improve your reading and writing skills

Not everyone is confident when reading or writing. Essential work skills training will help you to develop your skills in spelling, punctuation, grammar and writing so you feel more professional and competent at work.

Improve your number and maths skills

Do you secretly avoid tasks that involve using numbers? Overcome your fear of maths by gaining skills in everything from adding and subtracting, to the more advanced budgeting and financial skills required in most work environments.

Improve your computer and IT skills for work

Are you confident using computers at work? We can develop your knowledge and understanding, whether you are new to computing or want to build and improve on what you already know.

Our essential work skills training courses are held at our training centre in Birmingham. 

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