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Lynette Webbe

Posted : 30th April 2012

Lynette Webbe, from Smethwick in the West Midlands, struggled throughout her school life with reading and writing, often finding it difficult to concentrate in the classroom. She left secondary school with no qualifications and started her working career at just 15 years of age.

Lynette faced a turning point in her life in 2009 when, as well as facing a number of personal challenges, she was also made redundant from her role as Activity Co-ordinator at a charity. During this difficult time, Lynette decided to enrol at an adult education course at an Arts Centre, hoping this would give her a much-needed lift. Unfortunately, it only shook her confidence further as Lynette felt overwhelmed by the demands of the course, in particular with reading and writing.

It was then, at the age of 49, that Lynette found out she was dyslexic. Lynette had always been incredibly innovative and thrived in the mostly creative roles she held working for a number of charities – but now she realised why she had always struggled academically and in formal education.

Lynette decided to do something about this and took her first vital steps back into education, by enrolling onto short Progression Pathway courses at Fircroft College. She described her experience at Fircroft as “absolutely life-changing”. Lynette has got her confidence back and can now read and write, thanks to the support and encouragement she received at Fircroft and her own hard work and dedication. She has gone onto deliver talks at the Black Workers Conference and at an event which was hosted by the Birmingham Carnival Youth and Art Development founder, Professor Black.

Lynette has now enrolled onto even more courses at Fircroft to further build on her skills, as she hopes to become a mentor for adults with dyslexia, to help others realise their full potential.

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Lynette Webbe
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