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Amanda Campbell

Posted : 25th October 2016

Originally from Wales, Amanda Campbell moved to Coventry in 1997. For 16 years, Amanda battled with a heroin addiction. She heard about Fircroft College whilst attending a meeting at Sandwell College during Recovery Month. By chance, she spoke with a representative from Fircroft who encouraged her to apply for the Stepping Stones courses.

Before coming to Fircroft, Amanda was applying for jobs but with no success. She was aware that her lack of previous experience or relevant qualifications were holding her back.

However, since completing all of the Stepping Stones courses available at Fircroft, Amanda now has a full-time job at Cheshire Care Services, supporting adults with behavioural problems and encouraging them to learn to live more independently. Amanda received references from the staff at Fircroft for her job application, which she believes went a long way to making her application successful. As a part of her new job role, she is now working towards an NVQ which is developing her knowledge and awareness of diversity, equality and inclusion. Amanda is “very interested in learning about the importance of these things and the differences between them”, and is extremely grateful that she is able to continue her learning experiences whilst working in her new job.

As is the case with many Fircroft students, Amanda found that the residential experience was extremely beneficial to her ability to learn; shutting out distractions from the outside world and allowing her to focus all of her energy and concentration on her studies. She much preferred coming for a three day residential course, rather than having to potentially attend classes on a part-time basis elsewhere, over a longer time period.

“Coming to Fircroft made me realise that there are many options and ways of gaining better knowledge and experiences, and the Stepping Stones courses at Fircroft are one of those ways.” 

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Amanda Campbell
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